First and foremost a writer and public relations consultant, Colvin has been published in the US, Philippines, Japan and Mexico.  He has also created several websites and internet newsletters.



When it comes to "sounds," Colvin is better known these days as "Tomcat," the harmonica player, with several recordings to his credit, along with numerous live performances in the Philippines, Singapore, Mexico and the US.  He also earned acclaim earlier in his career for his innovative sound tracks for AV productions.



Colvin's photography has appeared in international magazines, several books and a number of photo exhibits.  His strong direction of graphic artists led to award-winning magazines, catalogs and direct mail.


THOMAS B. COLVIN writes with an ear for rhythm, plays music with an eye toward open space, and visualizes images which touch a resonant chord.  The interplay among words, sounds and images affects every effort:  each medium instructs the others.

COLVIN expresses these interests with an international perspective, currently splitting his time between the Philippines and Mexico.  He is available for international assignments in Asia & Mexico/Central America, with particular emphasis on travel, cultural history and music.


Current Projects:

  • BECOMING A WRITER -- SERIOUSLY:  A blog about tools and techniques for aspiring writers.

  • BOOK PROJECT:  A history of the Balmis Expedition of 1803-1807 conveying the newly discovered smallpox vaccine throughout the Spanish colonies.

  • PHILIPPINE MONUMENT PROJECT:  Documentation of commemorative monuments & statues throughout the Philippines.



  • FEBRUARY-MAY 2008:  Philippines

  • MARCH 14-16, 2008:  Mosaic Music Festival, Singapore

  • JUNE 2008:  5th International Congress on Maritime History, Greenwich, UK, to deliver a paper

  • JUNE 2008:  Spain, for research on the Balmis Expedition.


Recent Major Projects:

  • 2007 - AUGUST-SEPTEMBER  Reunion tour by Lampano Alley in Manila

  • 2006, DECEMBER:  Article on Balmis Expedition in Macao's Review of Culture magazine

  • 2006 LECTURES on Balmis Expedition:   First International Conference on the History of Medicine in Southeast Asia, sponsored by Wellcome Foundation and Center for Khmer Studies, Siem Reap, Cambodia; and Colloquium, Celebrating 200 Years of Smallpox Vaccine in Macau, Macau Inter-University Institute

  • 2005, December:  "The Balmis Medical Expeditionin Asia, 1805-1807," Spain's Legacy in the Pacific, Mains'l Haul, double issue, Maritime Museum of San Diego.

  • 2005, November:  Guest artist/soloist on two CDs in Philippines:  Jimmy Bondoc, Undercovers, Sony/BMG; and Nikki Hill, Nikki Hill, EMI

  • MARCH 2005:  Concert with LAMPANO ALLEY at Mosaic Music Festival, Singapore

  • 2005 DEC-FEB:  Guest Artist with Estrada Blues Band, Puerto Vallarta, at Mickey's No Name Cafe

  • 2004 LECTURES on Balmis Expedition at Instituto Cervantes in Manila, symposium at UNAM College of Medicine commemorating Balmis arrival in Mexico and conference on Spain's Impact on the Pacific In the Age of Sail at the San Diego Maritime Museum

  • 2004:  active performance schedule in the Philippines with his band TOMCAT & THE DAWGS and in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with his duo CHAMPAGNE BLUES

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